New sponsors!!!

Recently i asked who would like to sponsor Uncle Funk!!! Andddd

Two awesome companies have hit me up, that I’m soooo excited to share with you.

Both of these companies are incredibly cool and creative!

Drum roll please…..





More about the companies in the caption of their photos

Due moon creations is a super colorful, creative custom work artist. She specializes in portraits !! Pets,musicians, family members. Anything!! Whatever you throw at her I’m sure she will knock it out of the park! You can find her on Instagram and Facebook!
Ozark Zen is a super awesome company that creates all natural handmade soap right here in Arkansas!! Located in Fayetteville! Their soap is on shelves in stores all over or you can buy soap off their Facebook page! They are have tons of super scents to pick from and all natural ingredients go into their products. Make sure you follow their pages on Facebook and instagram

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