1000 likes on facebook celebration!!

Million thanks to each and everyone of you.

This is a small step but a huge goal and it holds huge place in my heart.

This means I’ve met roughly 1000 people in just doing my entertaining. Which is HUGE Because, I’ve always tried to keep my magic close and personal.

Keeping a one on one real family relationship. I bring you into the funk family once you follow my page. I check on you. I hope to see you again. I try my best to remember every face and name. (I’m 69 years old so that’s a challenge)

I want to entertain and inspire you with the wonderful world of wonder and imagination.

I bring to you a show of comedy, magic and illusions. Pure entertainment just for you to enjoy. To take your mind off the troubles of your day.

My goal is to entertain for smiles and laughter forever. But Ofcourse it isn’t possible without my amazing sponsors and viewers like you.

I promise to never give up and to do my best to continue bringing you bigger and better tricks but never losing my heart that hold the key to the real magic.

Thank you again for supporting me in becoming a paid professional magician.

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